Internal Server Error with ID #####

Last night I had the same problem that was resolved on its own:

Now, it’s back. Thing is, I’ve been updating my code, so I don’t really know if it’s my fault.
Same problem, updating any other class or property work fine. I couldn’t push an object into a related object array.

I get these errors (see attached-- also title) which I don’t know how to work with. Any hints? I’m working with JS.


Hi Jill,

Could you please let us know your app id?



My App ID is: 48F7E0A1-E799-EE7C-FF56-D3687FF1BF00


Hi, I’d like to let you know that it’s working again. Sorry to bother you, will wait longer next time. /sigh

Thank you for all the prompt response!


Got the same issue at the moment, but iOS side

Internal server error with id E755BCF8-E9E3-5E8F-FF2C-5E353A046400
App ID: BA6D604B-62A6-4A96-FF25-51317857DA00
Except that the table isnt getting deleted, I think this is causing my saving of some of my data to fail.
Just a question, what is the easiest way to debug API calls made from a mobile device?

My problem

Hello. I have the same problem.
I deleted a user field called ‘longitude’ and after that I can’t create the field again.
When I try to create, happens erro below:
Internal server error with id 5507E7AB-8932-0B10-FF68-51A23E3EBA00