Invalid CSV Import File

This is probably a noob question but I can’t determine what is wrong with the attached file. I’ve tried a few different variants and keep receiving an “invalid file” error. What am I missing?

On a related note, I was surprised to see that a $3 fee was going to be applied for the import. The cost itself isn’t a concern but I am not sure what aspect of the file (perhaps the size?) triggers the fee. I have imported other CSVs without issue or fee.

geoRef.csv (5.8 MB)

FYI, I thought it might the fields containing multiple values (e.g. countyCodes) but I tried a version where this field was removed and it still didn’t import. Same with the “/” in the timeZone field.

Hi James,

The very last comma in the header row confuses the parser. Please remove the command, and the import should go through.


Thanks for such a quick reply! That’ll teach me to edit CSVs in Excel. Saw it as soon as I opened in notepad++.

Appreciate the help.