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Invalid Where Clause When Searching In Arabic


I am getting error code 1017 when I search for a database field written in Arabic. I read similar topic with a solution of adding a language support from Bckendless team but the language was Russian.

Hello @Ibrahim_Elmahdi

Please provide curl of the request which doesn’t work

Regards, Vlad

Hi @vladimir-upirov
Here my code in Kotlin:
Actually when I change “مهندس كهرباء” to any word in English on the database and the where clause everything works fine!

val whereClause = “speciality = مهندس كهرباء”

    val queryBuilder = DataQueryBuilder.create()
    queryBuilder .addProperties("objectId", "ownerId", "speciality")
    queryBuilder .setPageSize(80)
    queryBuilder .setOffset(0)
    queryBuilder .whereClause = whereClause

    Backendless.Data.of( ,
        object: AsyncCallback<List<Expert?>?> {
            override fun handleResponse(foundExperts: List<Expert?>?) {
                if (foundExperts != null) {
                    Log.i("ExpertFound", foundExperts[0]?.speciality)

                    _numberOfExperts.value = foundExperts.size


            override fun handleFault(fault: BackendlessFault) {

I just tried to find an object with the following value test = 'مهندس كهرباء' and it works properly

try to wrap the Arabic string with single quotes

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Thank you very much @vladimir-upirov,
Yeah, It was the single quotes.

My pleasure, Sir!