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Expected Behavior

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According to the API docs the syntax to set the pageSize is:
queryBuilder.setPageSize(pageSize: 25)

and to set sortBy is:
queryBuilder.setSortBy(sortBy: [“name”, “age DESC”])

Both of these gave me errors. After looking at the definition of the DataQueryBuilder class I discovered that there is no setter for pageSize and the sortBy version of setSortBy takes a single string parameter. To pass and array of strings you use listSortBy.

Actual Behavior

I used the following syntax to clear the errors:
let queryBuilder = DataQueryBuilder()
queryBuilder.pageSize = 100
queryBuilder.addSortBy(sortBy: “created”)

Is it the case that the API docs are out of date?

Hello @Mark_Cockfield,

Sorry for this inconvenience.
Please use the dot way for the sortBy and other properties:

queryBuilder.sortBy = ["created"]

The internal ticket BKNDLSS-26399 is created to update documentation.