iOS app - Backendless seems not to see the table I've created


I am developing an iOS application which uses Backendless
I’ve created a new table which is called Market, and when I try to find records in this table the Backendless returns an error -
“java.lang.RuntimeException: org.jooq.exception.DataAccessException: SQL [select distinct udt.Market.activeRange,, udt.Market.created, udt.Market.latitude, udt.Market.numberOrdersToRetrieve,, udt.Market.ownerId, udt.Market.isActive, udt.Market.updated, udt.Market.objectId, udt.Market.numberOrdersToDisplay, udt.Market.longitude from udt.Market left outer join 9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.acl on (9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.acl.objectId = udt.Market.objectId and 9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.acl.granted = ? and 9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.acl.operationId = ? and 9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.acl.userId = ?) left outer join 9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.role_acl on (9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.role_acl.objectId = udt.Market.objectId and 9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.role_acl.operationId = ? and (9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.role_acl.role & ?) = ?) where case when (9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.acl.objectId is null and 9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.role_acl.objectId is null) then case when udt.Market.ownerId is null then ? else case when udt.Market.ownerId = ? then ? else ? end end else ? end limit ?]; Table ‘B7E74FA7-899B-5C3F-FFD7-515B77E9AD00.9BBCB4AB-BA52-FB4A-FFC8-58F5F5CCB800.acl’ doesn’t exist”

could you please help me - why is this error occurred and how can I fix it?

Application ID - B7E74FA7-899B-5C3F-FFD7-515B77E9AD00
iOS API Key - 37560037-023C-7CBF-FF97-1D6212C52000

Backendless SDK version - 5.2.4

Hi Eugene,

We were able to reproduce the problem. The team is looking into it. We will update you as soon as possible.


Thanks Mark, waiting for update

Hi Eugene,

The problem you experience occurs on apps cloned from an older app, specifically if you clone an app created before August of this year. The problem arises when you create a new table in the cloned app. Would it be an option for you to create a copy of the original app using export/import? If you recreate your app that way, the problem will go away. Please let me know.


Mark - this sounds like a related problem to something that previously happened me: Can't retrieve data from new table

In that case it was determined to be an encoding issue that your team was able to fix. Any chance we can get the same resolution here?

Ultimately I will also need to create this new table in the original app (the app Eugenes app was cloned from). Can I expect that to work without any issues?

Hi Chris,

Yes, it is exactly the same issue. Fixing it manually is quite error prone and any time you’d add a new table or make any schema changes, the problem would resurface. The best course of action is to recreate Eugene’s app using export/import and then add the table there.

I believe if you create the table in the source app, it would work fine though.


Still having trouble.

I created the table in the original app that had been cloned to create the app Eugene was working on in the original message above, then I exported the data, and imported just the file for the new market table. When I was going through the import process it prompted me to review the data types and make any updates I wanted then I clicked finalize. At that point the table was created but the scheme wasn’t applied, its showing as the generic schema all new tables start with.

Finalize import screen which includes relevant data types:

Newly added table after completing import is missing customized schema:

When you ran the export, did you select the checkbox to include the data types for the columns?

I did, although it looks like I didn’t follow your instructions all the way. Was trying to import that table to the existing app we had been working with, not an entirely new app, will try that now

Newly created app appears to be working

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