iOS app - Push Notifications are not sent to devices on Production environment

Hi guys

The push notifications are being sent on development environment, but are not sent on production.
I’ve changes the environment in .entitlements file to production and uploaded a sandbox + production certificate, but the push notifications are not delivered

Could you please help here?

App ID - 268A4266-C654-502C-FF00-CDEEF32E7200
iOS api key - DE748ADB-54BB-1114-FF76-CB483A060E00

Hello Eugene,

I assume your issue is not related to Backendless but to the APNS invalid device token.

Firstly, please make sure you have the production Bundle Id and Product Scheme is configured for production in your Xcode project.

Secondly, you should install your app correctly.
Installing app directly from Xcode runs this app in the development mode.
To run your app in the release mode you can (for example) create the .ipa file and install your app via iTunes.

I’ve just checked and everything works fine for me.


I’ve used Fabric for testing, I’ve archived the app via Xcode and deployed it via Fabric, so it should use release scheme
Have you tested using the certificate that is uploaded to Backendless?

Yes, of course.
I’ve uploaded the production certificate, registered device with production bundle id, archived via Xcode and installed via iTunes. Then I went to the Messaging tab in the Backendless console and sent push notifications from there. All of them were delivered.
For now I can advice you to check if your device receives notifications without Backendless because I’m still thinking it isn’t the Backendless issue.
NWPusher is good for this - you just need to select your certificate, enter the registered device token and uncheck sandbox option. Also it shows error if there are any.