IOS APP SWIFT CODE, load data from backendless into my app and display it

hello, i build an IOS application for first time(basically haven’t done anything before) in swift code and I have created a backendless account. what i want to do it to add to backendless server a restaurant and after when user clicks on the restaurant to show the main menu. the restaurant and the main menu will be created by me. can anyone help me make this simple first step on how to make my app “load” the restaurant name from backendless server. thank you

Sounds like you’re asking us (or anyone reading this) to just write a project for you. Sorry, we cannot do that (at least not for free), however, we’d be more than happy to answer specific questions about Backendless API and help you solve specific problems you run into.

As a starting point, I would recommend the following resource which provides a lot of recipes for various Backendless APIs: