[IOS][FLUTTER] Register device token

i’m using Backendless.messaging.registerDevice to generate the device token to use push notification service the device token which is generated was wrong it works on android perfectly but when it comes to iOS it’s not generated correctly I applied every step inside the documentation but it’s still not working

the token which is generated inside the table : d1587dc00421852b6d09e0b4112b97b0528f9432abd478ceb2f97c95435e****

and this is the real firebase token : cHKyVaCzQ02VuCraBVe0Ay:APA91bHqNP-Vmoh0LwnHZstceqDgDgCRusyn64ezfRih5JM86dU-3pAtBJC1SZLWCvcAO5l4cguMtNP6PXvFK4KLnqxFXRC8t6jIlyg9h5PoABo2RwmNP8AZtYDL_Ov9v4**********

Hi @zeyad_elosherey

Can you please provide the steps you follow to register the device?

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Hi @Maksym_Khobotin2

First step: I applied all the steps here : https://backendless.com/docs/flutter/push_push_notification_setup_ios.html

Second step: I’m using this function to register the token
List channels = [“default”];
Backendless.messaging.registerDevice(channels).then((response) {
print(“Device registered!”);

Hello @zeyad_elosherey ,

First of all, we don’t generate the device tokens, it is done by Apple, we just use the received token for registration.
Secondly, why do you think the token is incorrect? Do you experience some problems with receiving push notifications from Backendless?

The way to keep your token up-to-date is to register your app and receive your device token each time your app launches.
The device token for one app cannot be used for another app, even when both apps are installed on the same device. Both apps must request their own unique device token and forward it to your provider server.

You can find more info here: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/usernotifications/registering_your_app_with_apns


Hello @olhadanylova

The token was generated and i can see it inside the dashboard like I mentioned above but when i try to push a notification it’s not working but when i’m using another service like firebase it’s sending the notification and it works fine without any problem

Hello @zeyad_elosherey,

please provide your application id, and we will check your settings

Hello @sergey.kuk

Application id: B6EC1A7D-97C9-1CB3-FF27-BD91BE4BC300

Hello @zeyad_elosherey,

I’ve sent a test notification in the default channel and checked the status. That’s the error I’ve received from server:

Invalid mobile settings for IOS. You have selected the PRODUCTION mode for the uploaded certificate. Please make sure the mode corresponds to the certificate type.

Please make sure you’re using the correct certificate in the correct mode.


To get a message status, call Backendless.messaging.getMessageStatus method and pass the message id you receive after publishing.

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