iOS Image Upload Not Working on Flutter API

backendless_sdk: 0.4.0

Client SDK: Flutter

Application ID: “859418E3-AA83-93D2-FF8E-C0009E704C00”

Expected Behavior

Images are uploaded to File Storage

Actual Behavior

Images are never uploaded to File Storage.

Reproducible Test Case

Trying this in a new Flutter project

 void _saveParkingSpot() async {
    /// Sube Parqueadero y actualiza datos del usuario dueño
    String urlParki;
    String urlEdif;

    Backendless.files.upload(fotoEd, "/fotos_parqueaderos").then((response) {
      urlParki = response;

    Backendless.files.upload(fotoParki, "/fotos_parqueaderos").then((response) {
      urlEdif = response;

    Map parki = {
      "name": edificio,
      "disponible": true,
      "imgEdificioUrl": "$urlEdif",
      "imgParqueaderoUrl": "$urlParki",


Nvm, got it. Im missing an await before the uploads, haha. Stressful days… sorry.

I’m glad you figured it out, @Samuel_Franco!
Also I recommend to use the released version of Flutter SDK. Currently the last version is backendless_sdk: ^1.0.1.

Best Regards,