IOS initial setup setting - unclear documentation problem

I am new to Objective C development, so this may be a subject readily undertood by someone with more experience. However, I’ve hit a wall and would love a little guidance as I test our the Backendless API:

In step 9 of the IOS setup guide (, it notes copying the Application ID and Secret key, but where that should be configured is not clear.

Step 10 noted adding to the AppDelegate.m file, but it shows the entries as a variable and XCODE does not like my attempts to staticly define the keys there. I am assuming I simply need to define the app id and key in another area, but am struggling to figure out where that area is.

This seems like a pretty simple issue to solve - but minimal fortune I wanted to see if I could get a pointer on it.

**Also, there are definitely language variance between the “quick setup” and the “setup” document in the main API guide. I tried both with no better luck one way or the other.

Hi Steven!

If you new in Objective C development our samples will be useful for you:

  • github project
  • code generation on Backendless console: login to console -> select your backend app -> go to Code Generation tab -> ios code generation -> select services which interesting for you and download project.
    Using examples you can investigate how app was configured and works.

Thanks for the link - I was getting close to that point with a few generic tutorials but this definitely gave me a jump on the process.

So far I’m having to say that IOS Swift coding is a bit more familiar than straight up Obj C.

Have other questions, but they go off topic. Thanks for the pointer!