iOS is receiving duplicate notifications from a single console push

Hi - iOS devices are receiving duplicate push notifications.  We've identified it as a possible backendless issue by sending a single push from the console to an iOS device, and confirming it received 2x.  I've included the details and screenshots/videos.

channel name is user39URj6bjIcZ8oKzhgDLeYOc1PoE2
device id 69957CA6-2AF9-4851-AF66-AA85C31E2BD8    
device token e06b9067b08e9d84355e7c0806907c1a3d15ecf98e03d87198f8c4955612696b
IOS 9.3.5
application id 5396D848-49DA-BBA7-FFCE-3183CE0A0000

Hello Jay,
I cannot reproduce this issue.

I’ve created a new channel in your App and used the codegen Push Notifications project. Push notifications work fine for me - I send a single push and receive a single push.
Please try to reproduce this issue with codegen project and verify if the issue occurs.

Regards, Olga

Yes, we just tried again and a single push is recevied 2x on iOS.

Have you tried it with code generated project?