Backendless libavutil time.h collides with the iOS system <time.h>

I’m having a problem where the libavutil.a’s time.h (libav-v9.1965/include/libavutil/time.h) file in the Backendless set of libraries is colliding with the system time.h (usr/include/time.h). The two don’t match and the differences are causing issues with other source libraries that are expecting the system version. Specifically, I’m building with Backendless and the Facebook pop animation library which depends upon the system time.h.

I’m using the current Backendless pod 1.16.1 and it includes the libav-v9.1965/include/libavutil/time.h. My fix is to delete the time.h file from the Backendless header files, delete the Xcode project workspace cache, clean, rebuild and all is well. :slight_smile:

What do you recommend?

Hi, Peter.

We will review this problem and notify you about results.

Hi Peter,

If you use CodoaPods to integrate Backendless in your project, and you get the problem with “time.t conflict”, you should remove the file time.h from your project.
Choose in your project Pod -> Pod -> Backendless-ios-SDK and push the “delete” key. Click “Move to Trash” button.

We will fix this issue asap in the next CocoaPods release.