iOS Populate UITableView with Backendless data

Hello everyone, I know that too many questions but I am new to backendless and I’m trying to bring all my database of Backendless but still I find some problem of understanding and I hope you can help me again!

I’m trying to populate a UITableView with data of a query backendless

The query has been developed in this way:

-(void)retrieveRegionListFromDb {
    QueryOptions *option = [QueryOptions query];
    BackendlessDataQuery *query = [BackendlessDataQuery query];
    query.queryOptions = option;
    [backendless.persistenceService find:[NGRegion_DB class] dataQuery:[BackendlessDataQuery query] response:^(BackendlessCollection *regionList) {
         _regionArray = [regionList getCurrentPage];
        for (NGRegion_DB *regionDb in _regionArray) {
            NSLog(@"Region name = %@", regionDb.regione);
            NSLog(@"Region number = %@", regionDb.numero_universita);
    } error:^(Fault *fault) {
        NSLog(@"Server reported an error: %@", fault);

Now I can get the data via NSLog but I can not figure out how popular my UITableView. I tried to search the web for some examples of backendless but I just can not figure out how to do … I also saw the example BETableView but I’m totally confused … Surely it is different because of my habit, but I can not find other solutions …

Could you help me figure out slowly with small steps like to populate my tableView Backendless?

Hi Fabio,

How about these articles?:

I think they describe exactly what you want. Please let me know if it does not help.


Will you help me doing this using swift?