iOS Push Notification Error

I am receiving this error when registering a device with Backendless for push notifications:

  javax.persistence.NonUniqueResultException: result returns more than one elements

I recently migrated the app to Backendless 4.0, and uploaded a new universal .p12 file.

App ID: 408D24A7-14B7-2887-FF2C-64C0CC571300



I have fixed your application, please try again.

Thanks, Sergey. Error is gone, and my app is registering with backendless. However, I am not able to receive any push notifications. I have tried sending from the console, and from within the app. In both cases I can see the notification is scheduled, but no notification arrives.

2017-09-19 10:02:35.193201-0700 CSCSalesMeeting[1606:762470] MessageStatus = {
    errorMessage = "<null>";
    messageId = "message:3CA8A4B6-6876-02D4-FFB0-4DD89ECEBC00";
    status = SCHEDULED;

I am testing with an iPhone 6s tethered to Xcode.

Sergey, See my earlier reply below. Any idea why my push notifications are not being received?


I archived my app and installed it on my device. Push is now working in the production environment. It appears that using a universal certificate only works for the production environment. Is there any way to specify which environment to use with a universal cert?

Never mind… I found the edit button for the universal cert, and can now switch between sandbox and production.

Hi Jay,

Please make sure that you followed the instruction on configuring the push receival according to the doc page. In case the problem persists, create a dedicated topic for this new problem so that we could better track it and include thorough description of what you have already done with code samples you used.