iOS Push Notification Feedback Service?

Apple requires providers connect to their push notification feedback service periodically to remove old/expired push notification tokens from our databases… Is the the necessary connection to this service managed by Backendless? I can not find any documentation or references to this in the forums or any documentation… (will likely be needing to send push notifications to users en masse)

If we are to be managing this connection ourselves - how is it proposed that we manage the connection between push-token and userid? Is this link saved in a data table we can update on the backend after a device is ‘registered’ with your SDK? (or are we required to maintain a parallel listing?)

Hi Joey,

We currently do not implement it, but it is on our roadmap. You can implement it in your own code (which can ran as a Backendless Timer - Apple recommends doing it once a day). The only information you need to have is the device token. The mapping between device token and userid can be maintained in a separate table in Backendless.


Have you guys had experience with punitive actions taken by Apple side for providers who do not implement this service? What would be the risk of not implementing it ourselves? Would it something to the effect of our push certificates would be rejected?

We have not had that experience. The feedback service serves only one purpose - clear out device tokens for the devices where app no longer exists on the device. Since we do not have that implementation right now, it is relatively easy to manage the state of registrations on the client side, that is call the unregisterDevice when the app is uninstalled. I believe it is highly unlikely that your certificate would be rejected if there is no additional cleanup.

How exactly can I run code when the app get uninstalled? Is there documentation on this?

Sorry, I made a false assumption that such callback is available. I just checked and see that I was wrong. When do you plan to release your app? We might have the cleanup for the feedback service implemented by then.