ios Push Notification is Not working

basically I followed everything in here :
and All working fine in terms of certifications, device getting registered and token passed to backendless but Im not receiving anything on my device , i tried sending from both, the device and the console I could see the messages are queuing in the console but nothing received on my device.
I even tried using another Push Notification Service provider with the same App and Same certifications…
I cant do any further troubleshooting I guess, if certification is fine , registration is fine …etc the only thing I could think of is the link from backendless server to Apple server
Can You please help here ?

What kind of certificate did you deploy to Backendless console? Was it “sandbox” or “universal” ?


Hi mark , I try using both development & production .p12 certificates

    Make sure the certificate has a password. Password is required with Backendless. Use the Development certificate and make sure that the provisioning profile you install on the computer/XCode is also for Development.
If it still does not work, watch the "Push Notifications" webinar from here:, it shows the entire process of setting up push notifications.


Hi mark … Thanks but I actually did all that :

1- prov profile with same certificate is being used
2 - password is correct
3- I watched the webinar

Also as I said the same setup exactly works with another push notification service …

Is there any way we could test if the message actually from backendless to apple server ?

Hi Eyad,

You could check our sample project (see in attachment). It works for us.
Please investigate how it is organized and compare with your implementation.

Also your can set your Bundle Identifier, certificate & provisioning profile associated with it, appId and secretKey of your Backendless app (with set .p12 cert + password), and try our project with your data, how will it work for you?

Slava (19.27MB)