iOS push notification


I’m trying to use Messaging service to send push notifications to iOS devices.

I have uploaded the push notification certificate (no pass required), configured the device to register for push notification( I can see my device in the “Devices” tab) but, when I try to publish send a notification, the device won’t receive it.

During all the configuration and sending flow no error/warning raised.

Could the problem be that I didn’t set a password to the push notification cert?

Hi Victor,

Did you download a provisioning profile for your device? It must be profile for your application bundleId:</img>

Hi Slava,

Yes, I did. Also I uploaded the cert to Mobile settings under the iOS push notification.

Can you try our sample - - with your bundleId & appID + SecretKey of your backendless app where you set .p12 cert in Mobile Settings:</img>

This sample works fine with my settings - it sends and receives the pushes.

I have generated a new cert and tried it with parse push services, all went good, after I uploaded the cert to backendless and tried to send a notification with provided demo and still didn’t receive notifications.

Any idea what could the problem?

Do I need a development provisioning profile and register every device in order to be able to send push notifications? On Parse I could use the distribution provisioning profile.

Try to set your provisioning profile instead ‘Automatic’:</img>

What I meant is that for my app I only have distribution provisioning profile, I don’t have a development one, so I created a production certificate. I’ve done this because the testing of my app is taking place only on Test Flight, so I don’t see the reason why I should create a Development certificate.

If you use universal provisioning profile, set ‘Code Signing Identity’ = ‘iOS distribution’