iOS Push Notifications are not sent to the devices


I am developing an iOS application which uses Backendless Messaging functionality.
The issue I am faced with is that the notifications are not sent to devices
The devices are successfully registered on Backendless, I can see them in DeviceRegistration table. But, when I send push notifications for all devices in channels using Backendless console or via code the push notifications are not sent.
Also I tried to send messages to channel, but the are not sent. The status of the message was SCHEDULED, and I saw them in messages, but then after some seconds they are removed from the messages table.

Also I’ve checked the push notifications sending via Knuff, and I saw that they are sent, so I don’t think that the issue is in certificates.

FYI - 1 - I’ve tried to do the needed actions from documentation -
This did not help, I did not receive any of the notifications.
2 - Then I’ve also did things from here -
I only did not succeed in making app groups with name - There was an error, that this name can not be used. So, I’ve used -, but this also did not help
So I am also wondering if the steps from 2 are needed? Or should I revert any of these changes from step 2?

I use Backendless 5.1.0
Application ID - B7E74FA7-899B-5C3F-FFD7-515B77E9AD00

Do you know where the problem can be? I need push notifications working via Messaging

Hello Eugene,

I’ve just checked push notifications with your app and everything works fine.
Please go to the Code Generation Tab → iOS → Push Notifications and download the auto-generated project.

This project will register your device for push notifications in the default channel (you can change it in the AppDelegate file)
Also please make sure you have the correct BundleID in your app settings.

Push Templates works only with iOS-SDK 5.2 and above and it’s not necessary to configure app groups for simple push notifications. If you want to use Push Templates please update your iOS-SDK to the latest version (5.2.4 for now). Group should be named to work correctly with iOS push templates.


This is the issue I was talking about when I try to register App groups with this name…

Do you know how to fix it?

The internal ticket BKNDLSS-17834 for the group name issue created. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.
For now do you receive any push notification messages without templates/groups?


I’ve tested pushes using Knuff and it works okay.
I’ve tried to publish messages via Backendless. Messages were scheduled, but never appeared in the table of messages or sent to the devices.

Could you please provide other ways to test push notifications?

Well, I’ve already described the steps in my previous answer.
After downloading the autogenerated project you can go to the Messaging Tab, select a channel and publish your message there. It will be the simplest push test. And it works fine for me with your App.


I checked on this generated app and it worked
But this does not work for my app

Alright, I’ve started everything from scratch beginning from the certificates creation and messages are received now
The templates also work
Thank you

Have you created the

group sucessfully?


No, I haven’t. I removed the code with Push Notifications Extension since the push notifications templates seems to work now

fixed. Now user should create app group for push templates which starts with “group.backendlesspush.”

Hello Eugene,
I’ve added my certificate to your app and created the channel named olgaTestChannel. You can find my iosT template there.
Everything works fine for me. Please make sure your certificate is correct.

app group is required only for push templates, it is not necessary for the basic push notifications.