ios push Notifications - missing features

any plans when messages will be fully compatible with iOS 10 ? … there are at least two issues today :

  • new flags like “mutable-content” are still not supported from what I can see
  • There is an issue with the current implementation …every time you create a object of instance of “PublishOptions”… the header “ios-content-available” = 1 is added by default ( to cover the case of silent notification)but this is basically creating conflicting issues in adding other iOS flags and when I try to remove that header, the whole thing just does not work (The notification message does not get delivered"…
    final note : I’m using SDK v3.0.44


Hello Support team,

would appreciate an answer here please

Hello Eyad

I’ve contacted our iOS developer. He’ll respond in this topic soon. Thanks for patience and sorry for inconvenience.

Regards Anton

Hi Anton

Any news on the above issue ?

Hi Eyad,

Have you tried adding “mutable-content” as a user-defined header? Any headers you add should be delivered to the client.

As for you “ios-content-available”, are you saying if you send that header with “0”, it is not delivered as such?


Hi Mark,

Well I guess there is something missing here , let me just say tell you what I know and lets us see if anything is missing

1- about the first issue … the flag (mutable-content),

iOS device are expecting the Notification messages to have the keys/values in specific format (capture 1 in attachment) …

Using backendless Messaging if you try to send all those flags mentioned in capture 1 (the documentation suggest that we need to prefix the flag name with “ios-”). … the received notification message dictionary is shown in capture 2 in same attached, here you see how the notification keys actually were formatted … those flags which were supported by the Messaging module were included in “aps” key after stripping out the ios- prefix, supported flags like: badge, content-available, sound,…etc)… however the rest (including mutable-content flag) were not added and I take it because Messaging Module is not configured to do that … (so to your point , yes it gets delivered but not included in the right place within the “aps” key) …some other dropped out flags also are key ones for formatting the notification message such as :body, title , subtitle …

This is my view , let me know if anything is missing .

2- Now about the other part (the “content-available” key) … this is actually linked to the point above , I thought it might be the source of conflict with not including the missing keys from the “aps" but further testing revealed that it might have nothing to do with it