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iOS SDK Memory Leak?

On the first view of my iOS app, I noticed the active running memory was idling quite high (200MB+) for a very simple screen, so I decided to profile with instruments to look for leaks.

Instruments seems to report that there are a bunch of leak-y backendless objects?</img>

I also see more of the same in other places throughout the app that also build / run queries. This is with the 4.0 SDK.


I counted 832 bytes… ))) not even a kilobyte. How does it get 200 mb?

Hi Mark,

I did some more debugging and that there are some other factors on my end that are causing the high memory usage.

Throughout the entire lifecycle of the app, the Backendless object leaks only total ~6KB which I agree is insignificant, but still surprised to see these leaks do exist in the instruments view.