iOS/Swift - Object retrievel timeout - 1001

I was testing my app today using a function that retrieves an order object and the response time from backnedless was slow but it was working, then all of a sudden it stopped working and started giving the following error:
Task <37DB8AFE-03F8-4038-BF74-EED5879C3214>.<1> finished with error - code: -1001

"FAULT = ‘-1001’ [NSURLErrorDomain] <The request timed out.> "

I didn’t make any code changes from the time it was working to when it stopped working, so not really sure how to address this issue. I also have 2 different iOS apps hitting the same backendless app with essentially the same request and both are timing out.

App iD: 268A4266-C654-502C-FF00-CDEEF32E7200

Hello Chris,

Can you please check if identical request through a REST API is slow as well?