iOS - Swift - User property can't be saved - no error

For some reason since today I can’t save user properties anymore.
Worked all the time. Since today the user data is only saved temporary in my App.
No changed in the backend.
Help is very appreciated.
PS Console log out: User name: Whatevername

 func performAction() {
 let user = backendless.userService
 if (user != nil) {
 let propertie = ["name" : nameTextField.text! as String]
 user.update(user.currentUser, response: { (updatedUser : BackendlessUser!) in
 }, error: { (fault: Fault!) in
 print("User name: \(user.currentUser.getProperty("name"))")
 else {
 print("User hasn't been logged")

PS I updated pod to latest backendless today. No errors in my code.

We cannot reproduce this issue with our sample project (see in attachment). It works for us.

Please try it with your appId and secretKey. How will it work for you? (20.54MB)

Now it is working. I swear to god: I haven’t changed anything.
I have tried it with your project. Worked.
Started mine. Tried it. Worked…

Didn’t worked 9 hours ago…