IPv6 address for api.backendless.com

Hi Backendless Team,

will there be a IPv6 address for api.backendless.com in the near future? Some customer IT department asked as they are moving to a ipv6 environment only. Mainly to get rid of legacy IPv4 :wink:

Also in our company we will get some new servers without any IPv4 address which have to access the API of our app.

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Does it mean your new hardware is not dual-stack? (supports only IPv6)? Do you plan to have a converter in place? Without one you’d be cutting yourself off from a very large group of Internet-based services.


There will be some servers (about 20) which have only a v6 address as they are only “work nodes” and some customer facing ones with dual stack. But we do not want to give all of them a v4 address, das the v4 subnets from the RIPE are rare and expensive. So not all servers get a v4 address.

But these “work nodes” would have to access the backendless app to gather information and we didn’t planned so far to setup a v6 to v4 proxy to enable v4 access for these nodes. But as it seems we have to, as there is no ipv6 address for api.backendless.com

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