Is backendless a good tool to build our project?

Hi community :grinning:

I have checked Backendless and this is an amazing tool!
However, before spending weeks understanding the builder and working on it, I would like to be sure that at the end I will be able to build all the components to make my MVP live.

I want to build a In-app Ads Server.

The project is composed by:


  • Sign up / Log in pages
  • User Dashboard
    *User profile
    *Form (Wizard form, if possible)
    *Summarizing Board + Action buttons (delete, change, pay)
    *Payment gateway (Stripe, Memberstack or other)

Admin Dashboard data could be integrated to a ready-to-use external tool.


  • Database similar to MySQL format


  • iOS and Android SDKs (Developers will use it to integrate service into their app)

I will develop the SDKs out of the Backendless platform.

So, is Backendless a good tool to build our project?

Thank you guys!
I hope this topic will help other people. :ok_hand:

Hi @Flrn!

I think that Backendless will suit your needs.

  1. GUI For building your GUI you can use UI-Builder. UI-Builder is poverfull tool which allow you to create complex interfaces without directly writting code. It requires some time to learn it but at the end you will be able to create almost any page. Alternatively if you want to create Front-end by yourself, you can use our JS-SDK.
  2. Sign up / Log in pages Backendless provides several ways for authorization of your users. It can be simple email + password login or you can configure logic with social networks. Also support for other OAuth2 providers will be added in one of the next releases.
  3. Analytic. Backneldess provides basic usage analytics out of the box for your app. It collected by several ways. You can check it by yourselve :grinning:
  4. Payment gateway (Stripe, Memberstack or other) For Stripe integration plagin is available - You also can integrate your app with other services by writing custom logic.
  5. ** Admin Dashboard data could be integrated to a ready-to-use external tool** Can you give more information about way in which you want to integrate dashboard? In general it is possible. We know about such cases.
  6. Database similar to MySQL format Backneldess uses MySQL as database so it will suit you well.
  7. iOS and Android SDKs Backneldess has SDKs for this platforms and set of other platforms. They will help your developers to develop client logic faster.

It is hard to write in one message about all advantages which Backendless provide for developers :grin: I recomment you to create simple app and to feel by yourselve power of platform. Backendless provide concept of “missions” by which you will learn faster about features of the system.

I will post several links which will help you to get started:

  1. If you want to get systematized information about platform features you can look at our documentation:
  2. Also video lessons are available on our Youtube chanel:
  3. If you interested in UI-Builder you can check out lessons for it by this link:
    Also you can get free course for Backendless UI-Builder and Codeless on Udemy:

I hope that my answer helped you.
If you have any additional questions we will be glad to answer them.

Regards, Andriy

In regards to this, what if we need a database that is less relational and more like NoSQL - could we not use Backendless with that need?

In addition to relational data, you can store JSON objects in your database records. This should address the use-case when the schema for your data tables is loosely defined.


Hi @Andriy_Konoz,

Thanks a lot for your prompt and detailed reply.
It’s super helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:

As you confirmed it’s possible to build our MVP through Backendless, we’re going to use your tool to make it live. :wink: