Is Backendless right for my app?

I am learning"missions" at the moment, finished ui course, started no code backend lessons. So far as I see all the logic to the database connected to creating at least minimum web ui. Logic intertwined with some web ui elements. I’m planning to make a mobile app, so really what I only need is API endpoints and backend doing it’s own things, like creating objects by some rules. Is it even possible to do with backendless? Or I would need to duplicate my app completely with web ui to achieve that? I want to understand is it feasible for my goals before I invest to much time in studying backendless.

u can absolutely use the backend for rules and data.

i’m using it for years and its excellent and easy to work with. my app is not using the web ui.

Hi @Nik_AndroidDeveloper ,

It is possible to have only mobile application for your Backendless app. In this case your clients will work with mobile app and you, as administrator, will be able to see/edit data using Backendless Console.

It is also possible to create a UI Builder pages (web UI) which will be used as web application and published as mobile applications for different mobile platforms.
In such case for mobile app you can use Native App Shell

Documentation for it still in the development phase. If you decide to use it for mobile app creation feel free to reach us on this forum and we will try guide you.

Regards, Andriy

Thank you. I’m native Android developer myself, so I really need only endpoints to work with. I will dig deeper in “missions” and documentation.

As I understand now, I should create no-code services to achieve what I need without ui builder.

  1. In this case you can just use Android-SDK.
    Also, about this:

backend doing it’s own things, like creating objects by some rules.

at Cloud Code tab you can create your own services(timers, handlers, methods, etc) with JS code, or using codeless blocks(no-code).

  1. Native Shell solution may be good choice if you want to create a web application and distribute it to mobile devices without spending a lot of resources. But as I understood you don’t want to create web version of application, and dont want to use UI-Builder(no-code) to your application. The solution given above(first paragraph) will definitely suit you.

Regards, Nikita.

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