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Is "ios-category" header added to ios Push Notification ?

(Eyad Pro) #1

also I tried using flags like “title” & “body” inside “ios-alert” and it didn’t work… any plans for when those ios push notificaions flags will be supported ?

(Vyacheslav Vdovichenko) #2

Could you provide some code which reproduces this issue.

Also you could see this our doc (“Push Notification Headers” section)

(Vyacheslav Vdovichenko) #3

Internal task BKNDLSS-13250 is opened. We let you know about result.

(Eyad Pro) #4

Im mainly talking ios remote notifications about payload keys (category, title, loc-key…etc) covered here :

So guess the other question here is could we construct the push notification Json payload according to what each platform does support instead of only using the keys mentioned in your documentation link above ?

(Eyad Pro) #5

something more :…

A iOS push Notification key like “mutable-content” allows showing media part of the push notification message , so definitely worth considering …

(Vyacheslav Vdovichenko) #6

There is Swift3/iOS10 sample project, which demonstrates the interactive push (“ios-category”).

You could investigate it and use backendless.a lib (/Pods/Backendless/SDK/ios/backendless) in your projects. We will release new pod version soon. (19.31MB)

(Vyacheslav Vdovichenko) #7

Internal task BKNDLSS-13267 is created for payload keys isuue.

(Vyacheslav Vdovichenko) #8

You could update the latest Backendless SDK (pod 3.0.42 release).

Interactive Push Notification is fixed.

(Eyad Pro) #9


Yes “category” and "content-available” are supported … however I still dont see “mutable-content” is supported … any news on that …?

(Tomas Radvansky) #10

Any progress within accepting object (dict) in ios-alert ?

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #11

Hello Tomas, internal task for this future is BKNDLSS-13918. I have increased priority for it, we will notify you as soon as it will be resolved.