Is it just me or has the server response time taking a little longer than usual?

Hi there,

Just want to know if Im going a little crazy or not…

The past few days I moved my project to a new machine, and in the process updated my Backendless iOS SDK (I think i was on 3.0.9 or something at the time).

Since the update I almost feel like my calls are taking a little longer than usual to complete… am I going crazy, or has something changed with the SDK or with the servers in general? I don’t know what I can do to ‘test’ to see if the response times are normal or expected…


Its working totally fine on my side…

strange… on my side, saving a new object takes, quite easily, up to 5 seconds to get a success response at times. Both on my wi-fi and cellular network… so doesnt appear to be network related.

Any word from Mark and the team?
Curious to know if there is any way I can conduct a ‘measure’ to see if what Im experiencing is normal on not from the server side.


Hi guys,

We are experiencing a problem which results in general slow down of the service. We’re working on a solution and hope to have one as soon as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing for you and your apps.


appreciate the reply and update, Mark. :slight_smile:

Please let us know when things are ‘back to normal’ if you can.


It’d be great if there were a general “status” page available for us to check when things start looking wonky during testing. It’d definitely help our sanity as developers and would probably cut down on a bunch of unnecessary tickets for you guys as well.