Is it normal that requests are so slow?

I use synchronous calls to query and save objects. This has always been very slow. Even when the object does not contain any relations and just a few class variables.

For instace calling this method:

Backendless.Data.of( MyClass.class ).save( myObject );

takes 4 seconds. Is this normal?

Is this in 3.x or 4.0?

Currently I use 4.0 but it was the same with 3.x from the start.

What is your app ID? I will save a few objects there.

APP_ID is 45E62BEC-1481-7F03-FFEC-248F8A2CB100

Currently I saved a few objects again and it is around 1.8 seconds.

I tried saving a few objects into a table in your app (the name of the table is TestTableMark) and the invocations take between 85 and 157 milliseconds.

Do you want me to try another table perhaps?</img>

Maybe it is because I am in Argentina and my Internet connection is not that awesome (2 MBit/s).

Maybe, but that’s not Backendless fault. )))

Obviously. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to know if something is wrong but seems to be OK then. Thanks for the quick reply.

so funny =))))