Is it possible to fetch data from multiple tables using codeless?

Suppose i have 2 tables Person & Country
Person table has name, age, & countryCode
Country table has name & countryCode

how can i fetch name, age & country using codeless?
Can I do it under single Load Table Objects block?

If this data is not bundled with relationship, then the only way is to make two different calls to load objects from two tables. But if you define a relation from Person to Country (using countryCode) then you’ll be able to load Person with it’s Country via single call.

Could you please help me with the blocks, How to add multiple table names and fetch it?

You don’t need to add multiple table names, just make two different calls in same way as you do it once. In one variable write result of first call, in second - of another. That’s the logic you should implement.

Is it not possible to Join two tables and get the data?

For the Backendless database or external?

For external mysql database.

You need to create a view with whatever SQL you need and then invoke the view

Okay, Thank you Mark.