Is it possible to merge fields into an existing PDF and add signature pad to the document


Brilliant to see the custom UI components released this month.

I have a use case and wanted to know if it is possible to achieve before starting trying to build it.

I have a PDF document that I would like users to sign. Currently I have this integrated with DocuSign but it would be much better to be able to keep it within Backendless.

The PDF document has a number of fields that need to have user information added, and a signature box within the PDF.

Is it possible for me to store the PDF in Backendless and then create a copy for a user with fields merged from their user record in the database?

Also is it then possible for me to place the signature pad component within that PDF so they are signing the actual document?

Hi, @Luc_Zentar

We are very glad to hear that you like the new components we make. We are working on adding new ones. More to come! :slightly_smiling_face:

We can suggest you several options:
How about the, they have support for signatures.
You can also try using our new Signature Pad Component. This component can be used in addition to one of the service integrations that will be available soon: PdfGeneratorApi and CraftMyPdf service. Please keep an eye on our announcements so you don’t miss the release of the services.