Is it possible to restore lost data

Is there any way to recover or restore data to a table once it has been deleted. I have a table that got filled with garbage data as a result of an errant process. In cleaning up the garbage, I deleted a series of records that should not have been deleted. I may have lost weeks of work.

Is there anyway to restore the data to a previous point?

Note - I am not currently on a paid plan but was planning to move to a paid plan at the end of the week. I am prepared to move to a paid plan now and pay any data recovery fees required if it is possible to recover the data.

clarification - data has been deleted - not the table itself

Hi Robert,

Unfortunately, it is not possible if you’re not on a paid plan. We back up data for the apps that are on paid plans only. I am sorry, I realize this is not what you were hoping to hear.


OK. Well, thanks for your response.

As they say, “the burned hand teaches best. After that, advice about fire goes straight to the heart.”

I will be getting on a paid plan this afternoon.