Is there a way to have persistant system data


is there any plans to have persistent data storage that can be accessed by the system without putting it in an app table?

What I mean is if I want to store certain variables, lets say an api KEY that every users app will use to call an outside API then I can hard code it into the codeless code or store it in a data table and get it with a convoluted database api call.

You can hopefully see the issue with both of these approaches. In approach one if the API key ever changes then I need to change it wherever I am using it, with approach two it just feels messy having to create where clauses. In system data I can put it under backendless cache but that of course expires. A permanent variable storage like that seems to be a pretty useful thing to me, it could also be used for localization, where I store the text for certain languages in a table and just call the Id and column to be displayed based on user preference. Again I know this could be done through an App Table and API calls, but that seems convoluted. Maybe I am looking at it wrong.

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Hi Nick,

I do not see anything wrong with creating a table called “Configuration” and storing your variable vales there.

Alternatively, consider this API:


Hi Mark,

thanks for the response. As I said there is nothing wrong with it, it is a valid alternative it’s just that it is not such a nice user experience as it slows down the dev process. This was more of a suggestions, the way the cache can be called is much more convenient, it would be a nice to have, but obviously not a must have.

To visualize this is how I have to call it with a data table, is there a better way to do this?

whereas with a stored dictionary I could directly get the value with just the id.

edit: I suppose I could use get object by ID, I forgot about that. It is nicer to use, it just loses the option to use a human readable id tag

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With the caching API I suggested as an alternative, you can get the value with just an id.

Ah yes, but when manually creating the entries I get an error when the expiry times are longer image
I assume the entries get deleted if they expire? And it would rely on always having to extend the lifetime of every entry, no?

Cache values are removed when they expire.

What expiration time do you use that causes the error to happen?