Is there any documentation on how to implement photo approval for user profile?

No one wants to host inappropriate photos, right?

Photo approval is one a million use cases possible with Backendless. If we were to document all of them, we’d need a team of 10,000 writers :slight_smile:

In other words, use the documented APIs to implement the workflow.


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This is just one possible way, but…
why not make a portal for admins that brings up all the new images uploaded in the past day/week/whatever, and displays them in a grid?

Maybe 50~100 pics displayed per page? Whatever you think is good…
(Fewer if admins will be viewing on mobile.)
Then make it so the admin can click to X out any images that violate the terms of service.
At the bottom you can place an “Approve” button that approves all images on the screen except those marked for rejection - and pulls up the next 50 images for review.

Of course this should work fine when new images per day are within the hundreds. Once you’re looking at tens of thousands you’ll probably want to think about creating a more advanced system, or hiring content reviewers.

Also, decide what you want to do about notifying users when one of their images gets rejected. Do you silently remove it? Do you send them a notification email? Will you implement a “three strikes” kind of system for repeat offenders? You have plenty of options.

I can add, that the new data type IMAGE is expected in one release.
It will make the uploading, storing and binding images with the records in tables much simpler (from the technical point of view).
But this does not exclude useful advice from Causality