Is there any info in how to pre-populate credit card component

In my app, I am trying to pre-populate the credit card component. I have found the individual field names. I have tried to set their values through Page Data and through the Component Data but the set values do not display. I cannot find doc on how to address these fields within the component.

Hello @Richard_Munger

About documentation:
Marketplace - USER INTERFACE - UI Components - Credit Card - Documentation

We will be happy to assist you. I need to ask you a few more questions so I can understand the problem better.
Please let us know how exactly you are trying to set the value: you can take screenshots, or provide your applicationId, container name and page name.


I am trying to pre-populate the fields in the CC form when the client wishes to review & change

the information entered.
There are 4 fields: cardNumber, expiry, cvc, cardholderName (cardholderName does not display in development mode). I have tried two method to pre-populate these fields with information previously entered, but it never displays. I cannot find documentation on the proper way to achieve this.

Hello @Richard_Munger

Unfortunately, this is impossible at the moment.
I opened a ticket for the team to investigate and fix the problem.


Hi, @Richard_Munger !

We are happy to announce that the “Credit Card” component has been updated to the 1.1.0 version with new “initial” properties and new helpful handlers. You already can try it on the Marketplace or Update your actual component to the last version in your App.

Happy Codeless Coding!