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Is there support for .htaccess files inside cloud hosting?

(Alan Barlow) #1

Im trying to find a way to remove the file extension from all my web pages, and from reading online it seems like you use a .htaccess file inside the root of your site. I tried it by creating a new document from the dashboard and put the code inside but it didn’t seem to work. I also tried changing the default file name from index.html to login.html, and i also tried adding a 404 page redirect but neither seemed to work either. If there is not support for .htaccess files could you please give me advice on how to do something similar?

React Router
(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Alan,

There is no support for .htaccess. If you remove file extension, then the server would not be able to resolve the Content-Type.

As for the 404 automatic page redirect, we do not support it, but it is a good idea and I will add it to the roadmap.