can you add node.js template engines and change the view engine in backendless web hosting?

I am trying to make a website using ejs ( partials and i am confused on how to get it set up.
the following are the problems i am running into and am unsure how to fix them;

  • using ejs requires you use the .ejs extension instead of .html. using that extension makes my documents unable to be edited in the browser.
  • since I’m assuming you can’t have a server.js file with the configuration, i have no idea on how to call require(“ejs”) and __.set(“view engine”, “ejs”).
  • im pretty sure all template engines for node.js also require express and I’m assuming that is already installed, if not how do i go about adding that without a command line?
  • do i just add the “ejs.min.js” file to the “node_modules” folder?
    any help you can give would be appreciated, thanks in advanced.

Hi Alan,

Please take a look at the example of using EJS templates with Backendless Web Hosting

Let us know if you have any other questions