Is this type of CSV table import possible?

Hi let’s assume I have an existing “Countries” table in my Backendless app and I now want to import a “States” table that has foreign key values pointing back to “Countries”.

Is it possible to just import the “States” table by itself without needing to re-import the “Countries” and “States” tables together and overwriting the existing “Countries” table in my App?

Or is there a way to do an UPDATE query so I can do a relationship join between Parent and Child tables with those Foreign Key values? Thanks

Hello @William_Lee

Try importing States data with this checkbox.
Please let us know if this helps you

Regard, Viktor

Hi I was able to re-import and overwrite the existing “tbCompanyLocation” but my problem with not being able to see these records in it’s related parent “tbCompany.relation1Mb” relationship column still exists.

I wanted to experiment to see if I could re-import both “tbCompany” and “tbCompanyLocation” to fix the missing relationship issues we are also working on with this thread.