Large CSV File Import Problems

Hi I’m trying to build a directory app and I need to import the following tables that are connected to each other with the appropriate column header names which links the 1:1 and 1:N relationship combinations together in my database.

table_name row_count
tbCompany 112310
tbCompanyVerbage 112310
tbCompany2Company 336647
tbCompanyCategory 206
tbCompanyHours 232327
tbContactPoints 241688
tbCompanyLocation 109107

I did a test import with only a few dozen records and that worked in creating all the correct relationship links. But when I tried the same thing with the entire large datasets (see above) I repeatedly get Unsuccessful Import Errors.

I’m enclosing the import log file here.

unsuccessful_log_1.txt (241.9 KB)

When I check “tbCompany” in my Data Browser I get an incomplete list of Child Relationships as you can see below. Everyone of those relationship columns should be filled with data instead of being blank or partially complete.

Please help… I’ve been trying to import this dataset for over a week now and this unfortunately continues to be a very painful experience.

Thank You.

Hello @William_Lee

Could you please provide us your appId and CSV file that you used. If your file contains sensitive data, you can send it to

Regard, Viktor

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Awesome I’ll email it to you thanks…

Sent 2 emails to you with the CSV files zipped up. Thanks

Hi, @William_Lee

Thanks for your archive, we received it. Please, provide us with your app Id. To investigate the issue described above.


here we go thanks…


@William_Lee We have increased the time limit for importing. Please try to import your data one more time.


Excellent I’ll try that now and let you know. Thanks

It worked at last!!
Thanks for your help in getting this database uploaded. :slight_smile: