Issue creating multiple records in DB

Hello Everyone,

I would like to insert several records into my DB with a single API POST request and have therefore consulted your instructions on your support page: Saving Multiple Objects - Backendless REST API Documentation. I have been trying to implement your instructions accordingly but am however facing an issue where I am not sure if the issue is with my code or if there is an underlying problem with the backendless API service.

Specifically, I have tried the following: Inserting data with the json following format:

[{ “art_url”: “www.testurl1” }, { “art_url”: “www.testurl2” }]

but am getting the errormessage:

“Wrong json format: Cannot deserialize instance of java.util.HashMap<java.lang.Object,java.lang.Object> out of START_ARRAY token\n at [Source: UNKNOWN; line: -1, column: -1]”

Also I have tried it using the following json format:
{“table_name”: [ { “art_url”: “www.testurl1” }, { “art_url”: “www.testurl2” } ] }.

This indeed inserts a record into the DB which however is empty. So instead of inserting two records, it creates one empty record.

Is there an issue with the Backendless API service or am I doing something wrong here?

Best regards

Hello @Archimedes_88

Enable Bulk Operation checkbox and try again