[Issue-GetX] Because Point(Lat Long) instead of Point(Long Lat)

I have noticed an issue with the Point Type (Geolocation). According to the documentation we have Point (Long Lat), but the representation of a Point in DB is Point(Lat Long). So when we use GetX, we get the Latitude instead of Longitude.

I’m new in Backendless. What a wonderfull service :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the free plan and missions are a good idea to take your hand quickly on it

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Hello @Mahamoud_Farah

We are glad to welcome you. Hope you have a wonderful experience with Backendless.

The documentation describes everything correctly. For example, you can try adding the coordinates of Dallas: POINT (-96.7553535 32.8656106)

where -96.7553535 is longitude and 32.8656106 is latitude.