Issue retrieving all relations from API call in frontend

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I have a table which is the users company details. Within this table it has a relation (1:N) of 3rd party warehouses it uses. The page I have developed lists all the warehouses in the database, and allows the user to select the warehouses they use by means of a toggle next to each warehouse. Hit update and it sends the new/modified list of warehouse to the database and updates the warehouse relations column. this side works fine.

When a user comes tot he page, the toggles should be preselected if they already have the warehouse in the warehouse relations column. this partially works. for some reason the api call only retrieves the first 10 warehouses in the warehouse relation column.

For example: user goes in and selects all 20 available warehouses, hits update and they get saved to the database in the warehouse relations column of the users company.


But when the user navigates back to this page, only the first 10 get retrieved, even though the database has 20 relations. I have checked this in the logs and the developer tools in chrome, its always the first 10.

here is the logic for the page.

Any tips on how to make sure all relations are called and not just the first 10? I cant seem to find how to increase the limit on the API call that pulls the relations.

Hi @Andrew_Billcliffe ,

Such behavior is caused by fact that there is additional configuration for relations pagination which is not available in Codeless at the current moment. Sorry for inconvenience. I have created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-26920 to allow configuration of page size for relations.

As temporal workaround you can use “Load Object Relations” block to load relations for each of objects. I know that it is not optimal way to reach your goal but it is only possible solution at the current moment.

Regards, Andriy

Hi Andriy,

Many thanks for this, was a simple fix with the load Object Relations block as you said. Much appreciated!

Hi, @Andrew_Billcliffe

We’ve just updated cloud servers with a fix for the issue you described above. We have added argument relations page size to the Load Table objects block. Could you kindly let us know whether it works for you well?



Hi Marina, I rebuilt that page using a different method but will try it out with another one i’m building today and see how it goes.

Many thanks.