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Issue With Dates in Search

I am using the following Data Query to retrieve objects for every 5 sec. if there is no objects after the given created date and time but i am able to get the object which is created at the date and time what i am passing. Now i am using Backendless 4.0, in 3.0 the same thing works fine.
Example :

let dataQuery = DataQueryBuilder()
dataQuery!.setSortBy(["created DESC"])
let whereClause = "groupId = '\(channelID)' AND created after '05/14/2017 22:21:54 GMT+5:30'" (after this date and time there are no objects but i am getting the object which is created at '05/14/2017 22:21:54 GMT+5:30')

Please Assist.


could you got to rest console and make a query to reproduce your issue, than export it as cUrl and send to us with description of expected result

Hi Sergey,

As requested i am sending the cURL

curl -X GET ‘’BB4A5B36-4A9E-BBD4-FF6A-D3F664DB7100’%20AND%20created%20after%20’05%2F15%2F2017%2006%3A46%3A10%20GMT%2B5%3A30’’

and the expected result should be messages after the given date and time, but it is giving the messages at that time and after. it should be > not >=

I changed the where clause to

let whereClause = "groupId = '\(channelID)' AND created after \(lastMessageCreatedAt!.timeIntervalSince1970 * 1000)"

then it is working fine. is this is the correct way to do ?