Issue with Image Reference

Hi Inna

Please switch the springboard from BaltiShop app to BaltiShop2.

This is in development so no need for migration.


Can you share the App ID of the old and new apps?



Old Application Id: A111BC52-1B55-3294-FFDD-6C553F31FD00
New Application Id: D8DBD012-6D4A-DDEA-FFC9-FB267BC5B600

Hi @Ali_Sakhi ,

Sorry for a long delay.
I have moved Springboard to your US app and removed it from your EU app.

Regards, Andriy

@mark-piller so could it be the case that public files/images cannot be accessed from some countries or some services? We’re having trouble getting images to show up in emails, even though the image link works fine when pasting into a browser (without being logged in, so “public”). If there’s any info you have about public files not being accessible in some situations (country, gmail, etc), please share :grinning:

I do not have information support the general thesis that countries or providers are blocking our endpoints. Every issue should be looked into individually.

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