Issue with the date comparison (possible bug?)

I am not sure if this is a bug or something wrong I have
Here you can see I have 2 rows (noticed the dates)

Then when I do created < ‘08-23-2019’
I get this !!

but when I do created < ‘08-24-2019’
I get this

Why is the second query not returning the same as third? the date is still before!

Thank you


You are using a wrong date format, please take a look at the doc:

there are three options for using date:

  • updated > ‘23-Mar-2015’
  • updated > ‘03/23/2015’
  • updated > 1427068800000

Regards, Vlad

Actually the format that you support which is mentioned in the docs if you scroll little bit down is

So in the the docs you have day being first but in the supported formats below you have month first

Which one is right ?

Hi @snakeeyes

Thanks for detailed information. We will try to reproduce the issue and will keep you updated with a progress.

Best Regards,

Hi @snakeeyes

The reason is because the time for table object in console by default is local. But when you search with query created < DATE, it compares your date with server UTC time.
In your case, you have a record, that is created on the 23th, but your local time is still 22th.
If you use a query in console that compares dates, please select the checkbox “Dates in UTC”. It will show UTC time instead of local.

Best Regards,