Issue with Where clause

Hello Backendless Community!

I’m having an issue with the Where clause.
Following this tutorial 💥No code mobile game development: Build an Interactive Halloween game app - YouTube (25:30) I’ve been trying to do a Where clause to get a nested list, so I can retrieve a list inside a table from a record in another table.
Acording to the tutorial, the Where clause is Game[cards].objectId = ‘xxxx’
I’m getting this error message: “code”: 1017, “message”: “Where clause ‘Game[cards’ is invalid”

Does anyone know how to fix this? Did this clause change?

Many thanks!

Hello @Leonor_Torres!

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless! :tada:

Could you provide a little more detail?
For example, the RequestURL, the full Where clause you are using, and add screenshots of the data table you are querying.
It would really help me understand what the issue might be.


Thank you Alexander!


Where clause: Game[cards].objectId = ‘164079AC-1AE2-43FA-92E0-C960853D1AD8’

Data structure attached.

Thank you, for the information provided!
I will also need your AppID, could you please provide it?


Here you go! 7C6E4C07-D488-2BAB-FFD0-FFB51560E000
I wonder: can other people get in my data using my details? :sweat_smile:

Thank you!
Don’t worry, it’s not sensitive information :wink:


@Leonor_Torres, I’m happy to report that I found what the issue was, and you can easily fix it!

This error occurs because it is necessary to use quotation marks in the Where clause: '...', and in your example it was like this: ‘...’


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Amazing – it worked!!!

Thank you so much Alexander :partying_face::tada:

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:tada: :tada: :tada:
I’m happy to help! :wink: