Issues Uploading A File

I’ve tried to upload two different MP3’s and for some reason it acts like its loading and then doesn’t load.

Is this with Android, iOS, REST or management console?

The management console, tried both a mac and a pc. No mp3 files will upload. Are there file size limits?

There can be a number of reasons why uploading may fail. Let’s start with the detailed description of the behaviour and some examples which reproduce it.

Here’s a video recording of uploading an mp3 using console:

You can listen to the uploaded file here:[].mp3

This worked. The only difference is, instead of using the Upload option, we drag and drop, and the file goes through. May be a strange bug you might want to look into. Thanks for the follow up.

Hey David,

I just tried uploading with the “Upload File” button and it worked.

Does the error happen every time? Have you tried different files? Perhaps some other directory?