Issues when saving

Hi everyone - we are having issues at the moment with Backendless. Is there any known issue?
Our developers reported a few minutes ago, that their code is not being saved when they deploy (they see the confirmation/success message but the code is not there) and we lost today’s progress. Can you assist? Thank you.

App ID is:

Affected methods:

Could you please clarify what is being deployed? A UI Builder container or Cloud Code?

Cloud code @mark-piller

A couple of questions:

  1. are you not seeing the actual logic you’re deploying or other services/timers/event handlers in the same deployment model?
  2. do you see the logic you attempted to deploy in the CHANGELOG:

Hi Mark, thanks for stepping in. We found out that the solution is to clear the cache. It happened again earlier, the methods reverted back to what it was yesterday. We tried clearing the cache and it went back to normal.