IsValidLogin() handling


Having an issue understanding how to handle the case when isValidLogin() returns false.

On my website (we use Backendless JS SDK), user is logged in using ‘stayLoggedIn = true’ flag, and isValidLogin() still often returns false. Shouldn’t the Backendless library renew the token without the need for the user to re-enter the password if stayLoggedIn is set to true? Since documentation does not talk about this, how should I handle this situation for a normal and smooth user experience?


Hello again, @Justinas_Grazulis

Even if the stayLoggedIn flag set to true when the token is expired Backendless wouldn’t renew the user’s token.

Regards, Denys

@Justinas_Grazulis , token expiration may occur under the following circumstances:

  1. When the session expires. Session expiration is configured in console at Users > Login > Enable Session timeout
  2. If multiple logins are enabled. See Users > Login > Enable Multiple Logins.


@mark-piller :

What does this mean precisely? The token expires if multiple logins are enabled? Or does this mean, the first token expires if a second login occurs?

Hello @Klaas_Klever,

If you turn on multiple logins, and put 10 simultaneous logins, hhen when 11 guy came, he will get an error