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isValidUserToken Panic

(Robert J) #1
        Backendless.sharedInstance().userService.isValidUserToken({ (isTrue) in
    }) { (fault) in


This causes a kernel under the following conditions. Was able to reproduce with the generated code in a test app.

  1. require email confirmation = true
  2. enable multiple logins = false
  3. enable session timeout = true (2592000)

First the users need to have logged in and confirmed their email.
Disable the internet and re open the app running this code.
TIC TCP Conn Failed [1:0x60000033ccc0]: 1:50 Err(50)

HTTP load failed (error code: -1009 [1:50])**

finished with error - code: -1009**

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception of class ‘Fault’**

(Oleg Vyalyh) #2

Hi, Robert.
I’ve created inner task (BKNDLSS-17638) to investigate this problem.

(Olga Danylova) #3

Hello Robert,
Issue has been fixed in v 5.1.7. Please update iOS-SDK and verify whether it works fine now.


(Robert J) #4

It works!

Thanks for the quick fix.