Item hided within Component Tree stay hided in preview mode

As discussed with @vladimir-upirov in Slack, it seems to be a bug:

Item hided within Component Tree:
image (1)

Stay hided in preview mode:

Even if I try to Toggle Component Visibility, it stays hided.

I have a related/similar issue:
I’ve hidden a component in the component tree just in UI Builder. Later I’ve made it visible again in UI Builder. Even then, I cannot make this component visible in an on-click handler.
It works however in the on-page-enter handler …

Please help because this component is not “usable” anymore. I’ve copied it but even the copy shows the same behavior.


Hello @Junior_Vidotti, @Klaas_Klever,

the internal ticket BKNDLSS-26232 is created for this issue.
We’ll investigate it as soon as possible.